Now with SSL

16 March 2019
This website is now available via HTTPS.

Enabling HTTPS on this website was something I had planned a long time ago, and the SSL certificate itself was actually bought the certificate two months ago, but it is only today that I got round to activating & installing it. Part of the delay was due to the certificate including the sub-domain, which meant I needed to generate an SSL signing request rather than simply getting the certificate authority to generate everything for me, as they would do if it was the simpler duo of plus I was also unsure about the extra processing load that would be imposed by supporting encryption, but decided that latter was not a reason to hold back.

On of the ironies here is that the mobile view that is supposed to provide is all-but-deprecated, but I have personally got into the habit of typing out this address when wanting to access this website for reference purposes. Using was also broken until today as the A Record for it was out of date — something I really ought to have noticed earlier. I am planning to implement a redirect to a single canonical address, but I am unsure how quickly it will get to the top of my to-do list.

My intention is to maintain both HTTP and HTTPS access to my website, although I will be keeping an eye on what proportion of traffic uses the different access methods, as well as the resultant CPU loads.