Pushing the button

16 July 2021
Yesterday I finally gave notice to my landlord, and while I have yet to work out an official leaving date in practice I will be gone in just under three weeks time. For at least the last six months my life has been swinging between thinking of rebooting my life, and the despair caused by impediments that had stopped me getting there. With all those impediments gone I can finally tie up all loose ends and prepare for that future.

An unhappy stay

In hindsight my time in this apartment was basically trouble from the word ‘go’, and even though I was paying through the nose for the place I ended up only staying there overnight a touch over half the days I paid for. I sorta somehow kept things together for the first six or so weeks which was when Covid-19 was rally kicking off, but in hindsight about the time I got my deposit back for my previous place was when my mind went over the cliff edge. In short important things got neglected at a critical time and the results would prove life-changing. Since then I have had very little desire to look back and make sense of what happened when, because things I could have done in hindsight were not the things that I was in any fit state to think about.

Looking back it was only really late-summer last year that I have any fond memories of from my total time in the place, and even then that is mostly due to the electronics projects I was typically doing around the time. That was a short period between having made myself some space to actually do stuff so my mind would not go into shut-down like it did a few months earlier, and having to ship stuff back to the UK that I would actually miss having around. I was in the UK for pretty much the three months either side of Christmas, so returning back in March did not feel like coming home.

Time to go

Going into the office for the first time in six months already felt like visiting a past life, and many of the associated memories are ones I had minimal fondness of visiting. Things like my then-partner bringing a Nandos that we ate outside shortly before our relationship went long-distance, which having since broken up added to the broken dream feel of the place. The whole city was much the same to me, and then there was minimal appetite for having to commute for an hour or two per day. Going in for the first time in months would also prove to be pretty close to the last. Having got my invite for vaccination in the UK I felt it was time to burn this bridge.

Loose ends

The last three months would actually pan out far quicker than I even had dreamt of, and with all government paperwork out of the way it is now the time to start the final countdown to the fresh start. Yesterday was my tenancy notice and finalising the property shipping quote, today will be the cancelling of the internet provider contract, and next week will be closing of some bank accounts. It is time to get on with stuff.