Thorpe Park Fireworks, November 2008

This had started out as a semi-planned Hong Kong Society trip to Alton Towers, which at very short notice was changed to a trip to Thorpe Park. However it clashed with a previous commitment I had in London and with Stealth closed the fireworks were the only thing I was really going for. In the end I concluded best thing was to go the day before.

No idea how HK-Soc's day went, but as it turned out the day I went the park was practically dead. The only queues were the ones for the front rows of rides, and Nemesis Inferno is not quite the same after going on it 3 times within 20 minutes..

Great ride to have by the exit from the bar..

As usual, I filmed the fireworks (this time in HD-TV); also as usual it didn't entirely go to plan and the finale is a separate section..