The past drifting away

22 April 2019
When I left the UK six years ago it was with the intention of not looking back so it is not often that I look into how haunts of the past are doing. However I noticed some odd changes with contacts on LinkedIn so a few moments ago I was looking up old companies on Companies House. What I found out was that the company where I worked as a post-doc before emigrating to New Zealand, is no more — as of February the company has formally been

In hindsight when I left this company in late-2012 it was at, or at least close to, its peak — in 2014 it seemed flush with cash presumably from all the projects that were in the pipe-line at the time I left. It probably would have been a good time to be with the company if I was not suffering from what I later realised was burnout-related disillusionment, although the move to Aztec West would probably have meant a much longer commute. However from what I gather from various sources of information is that business dried up after then and many people left the company throughout 2015, which did not surprise me too much as the company seemed overly dependent on one or two major government customers. I am not sure if it was on good or bad terms, but it is clear that the two directors who owned/ran the company had started to go their own directions. A somewhat odd ownership structure with holding & trading entities was adopted, and in 2016 the directors had founded their own independent companies, initially based at the same business address but later on one of them moved elsewhere.

In hindsight this company was probably the best I ever worked for, with some of the business-logic I produced being things I still look back to with a certain fondness that is not present with the two companies I worked at since. The company was instrumental in forming the foundation of my post-doc career, so there is some sadness in seeing that it has finally ceased to exist. I have not been able to ascertain whether any of the things I helped design and build are still on the market, or whether the respective companies of the two directors have gone onto completely new things.

I also looked into how an earlier company was doing, even though this one I don't particularly care for, and it is not exactly clear what is going on with it. Ten years ago it was gazetted for compulsory strike-off and I thought it was just a matter of time before it would formally fold, but it looks like its main/only product has been taken over by someone who has fingers in the NHS supplier pie. Looking up the company's website it seems that all mention of the old company name has been dispensed with in favour of branding based on the product name itself, so I have no idea whether the previous legal entity is still active or is just being used as a holding/shell company.