Da Bristol mayor

14 November 2012
Back in May I got back to Bristol specially to vote against an elected mayor, on the basis that it would decay into a referendum on the coalition rather than elect someone that Bristol needs. Labour are predictably falling back on this tactic, but thankfully one of the independents - George Ferguson - might prove to be a much welcome party pooper. However the election itself is basically a farce.

Aside from the right and wrongs of charging candidates for the privilege of appearing in the information pack sent out to voters, I am one of the many who never got one. In fact only two of the candidates even leafleted my area, which is a poor show considering how central my area is. I can understand people not wanting to risk walking in St. Pauls or Stokes Croft, but this is Clifton. The only good thing I can say is that the mayor election is being run marginally better than the police commissioner elections, which is a guaranteed train-wreck. And forget about second preferences, as the election is an instant run-off rather than a proper elimination process.

George has his own set of faults, but it is a race between him and an Ed Miliband proxy. I know Labour party supporters who think Bristol Labour are a walking disaster, so for me it is Independent or Bust.