Freshers Week 2008

04 October 2008
My original plan was to spend as little time as possible in Bristol, but since my car was out of action (at least for long-distance trips), I ended up being stuck in the city. Thankfully an old friend of mine from my undergrad days who I had recently reestablished contact with happened to be back as well redecorating his old flat. I'm thankful because the trend of Bristol becoming a less interesting city had come to the logical conclusion of even the start of term being dull..
Dropped by the Union to do some work on my laptop. Epi was closed. Enough said.
Union was dead, as was basically everywhere else in sight. Exception was running into some first year bar-crawlers (Wills Hall I think) on my way to grab a takeaway. Freshers all heading off to a halls-only club-night was the last thing I wanted to see.
Went along to the Postgrad welcome party. Party itself was quite well attended, but trying to find food afterwards was a nightmare. Says a lot when all the kebab shops think opening on a Tuesday is uneconomical.
For old times sake I took an old friend, who hadn.t been in the union for 5 years, to the Epi. Vaguely lively, but we both called it a very early night.
Had a morning meeting, so was gone 2:15pm by the time I got to the Freshers Fair. Fire alarm went off a bit under an hour later, which pretty much killed off the place for the rest of the night.
Spent until around 2pm trying to work out why a Latex document was screwing up, so only managed to catch the end of Fresh. Apart from the international societies room the union was notably non-crowded, and some commercial stalls were packing up shortly gone 3pm. I.m thankful I decided to have a night in within Clifton Village, because when I dropped by the union on the way back (a bit before 11pm), what I saw was by far the worst attended friday-of-fresh I have ever known.
On the plus side it is nice knowing my decision to escape Bristol and move to London to work is the way to go.